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Chad S Byerly


Baker Barrios Architects

     "It has been my privilege to have worked with Brian McAlpin where my firm was responsible for design and project management while Brian was in charge of he management of the physical construction and delivery of the project.  In those instances I can say without a doubt, Brian stands far above the rest in his level of preparedness, professionalism and his overall ability to manage the project, foreseeing protential issues well in advance of the issue and effective communicaiton and resolution to maintain project budget and delivery expectations." 

     "I enjoyed working with you on the Creative Loafing Historic renovation project located in Ybor Square in Tampa.  Your attention to detail on this type of projedct was impeccable and the performance of your work in my opinion was very professional and enthusiastic."

    "Your work ethic and attention to detail assured completion of this project on time with within the client's budget constraints and you have demonstrated unusual skill in dealing with any issues during this type of renovation and you came through with flying colors for us." 

Larry Nuzum

Managing Partner

Chancey Design Partnership

   "We began working with Patriot ... for the build-out of our office space in Ybor City.  Brian McAlpin led his team with the utmost professionalism.  Our construction meetings were organized and punctual.  Potential issues were spotted adhead of time and resolved before they ever grew out of hand.  Being in a historic district can create difficult scenarios for construction companies, but Brian dealt with any issues effortlessly." 

    "I wholeheartedly recommend using Patriot Construction for any type of construction work.  You will not be disappointed!  Please feel free to call me with any specific questions." 

London Fajkus

Operations Manager

Creative Loafing

Robert Komarek


Falcon Electric, Inc.

     "Falcon Electric, Inc. has had the pleasure of working with Patriot Construction Management, Inc. for numerous projects for many years.  On all projects, without exception, Patriot Construction Management, Inc. has met or exceeded our expectations with regards to performance, quality and schedule."