The mission of Patriot Construction Management, Inc. is to provide construction management and construction services that fully insure the safety of all personnel on our projects, respects the environment, and exceeds the expectations of our clients; while delivering profitable returns to Patriot Construction Management, Inc. 


Our goal at Patriot Construction Management, Inc. is to provide world-class design/build and construction management services to our customers on every project, every day.  We approach each project with a cooperative mindset.  Patriot Construction Management, Inc. successfully teams with our clients, as well as architects and subcontractors towards the common goal of successful project delivery. Our diverse construction portfolio and specialized experiences ensure that each and every project is matched with appropriate resources and expertise.  Through technical skills, preconstruction know-how, and performance capability, Patriot Construction Management, Inc. anticipates project challenges, develops solutions that meet clients’ objectives, and delivers award-winning projects.  


Patriot Construction Management, Inc. understands that construction means more than simply following drawings and making sure a structure is up to code.  Constructing is about bringing an architects’ interpretation and our client’s vision to life.  Precise details are just as important as the big picture.   Vastness of details are limitless including the way a joint fits together, careful installation of materials to showcase their beauty, and final adjustments of building systems to ensure maximum operational efficiencies are just a few details that truly matter in bringing visions and dreams to life.  


Quality: Quality products are a result of setting high standards, operating with integrity, professionalism and 100% commitment. 

IntegrityPatriot Construction Management, Inc. is a company that honors its commitments.

Customer ServiceWe are dedicated to providing service that consistently exceeds customer expectations. 

ProfessionalismPatriot Construction Management, Inc. is committed to providing the very best services to uphold and improve the building industry profession.

Communication:  Proven processes ensure complete, accurate and open communication between our customers and the entire staff at Patriot Construction Management, Inc.

Fun and Excitement:  ​We are committed to fostering a fun, safe, and exciting work environment. 

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ST. PETE:  727-422-3398
FAX:  813-839-5543